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garlandI’ve been reading Deb from Home Life Simplified’s Listmania posts for a while so I thought I’d give it a go and link on up. Music has played many different central roles in my life so it’s fitting that my first Listmania is a musical memory lane.

1976 Fernando – ABBA  I loved watching Countdown every Sunday night plus the repeat the following Saturday. Fernando was number 1 for so many weeks that they stopped playing it and aired another song instead. Not happy…

1980 You Can’t Stop the Music – Village People. The first album I learnt every lyric to, not to mention all the choreography from the movie. Cheesy, tragic. And I had no idea they were all gay…!

1986 Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles. This song was part of the soundtrack to my final year of high school. I still get visions of our final assembly when I hear it.

1989 I Got You (I  Feel Good) – James Brown. My then boyfriend, now hubby, was playing in a soul/funk band and many boozy Sunday nights were spent dancing on sticky carpet and singing this until our voices were hoarse.

1997 Breathe – The Prodigy.  I was event/tour manager for a well known performing arts competition and this was a big fave with the teens in the morning mosh pit/hype up sessions.

2001 The Köln Concert – Keith Jarrett.  Recorded in 1975, this album of jazz piano improvisations was a source of peace and comfort the year my mother-in-law was dying.

2007 – 2008 Mr (now) 6’s special music. Our little man was a shocking sleeper and hubby, being a musician, wrote and recorded over an hour of music to create a soothing atmosphere in the hope it would help him relax. I spent countless hours sitting, rocking, snuggling, pacing with this in the background. Turns out our little man had a sleep disorder that needed different strategies but the music and the act of love by his dad kept me from going completely over the edge.

2012 Gangnam Style – PSY A cheesy K-Pop phenomenon but its significance for me is that it was the first pop song that Mr 6 paid any attention to. And how! I never knew he had such dance stylings in him. It never fails to make me smile when he does some horsey dance down the hallway.

We have such a large and varied collection of music in our house that choosing favourites is almost impossible. Sometimes silence can be the best sound for me. What music reminds you of significant times in your life?



5 thoughts on “Musical Memories

    1. Thanks Deb. If I get to one of hubby’s gigs these days it’s more likely to be a Sunday afternoon Big Band swing session. Although I am going to the opening night of Hot Shoe Shuffle this coming Saturday… (wardrobe crisis!!)

    1. I’ve just got it out there this week and I’m still getting used to telling people I’m here. Thanks for popping in! You’re one of the people who inspired me to get on with it 🙂 How did you find me?

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