Listen To Your Heart

Listen to Your Heart

Listen to your heart…

No, not the Roxette song from the late 80s and I’m not talking in the romantic sense either.

Listen to your heart… Open your heart…

The universe has been conspiring to place women in my path to ensure I get the message:

Stop over-thinking.
Get out of your head and into your heart.

A couple of years ago I did some work with a Jungian therapist. I was struggling with grief, ongoing stress, ill health. She encouraged me to listen to my unconscious. Allow the dreams. Hear the messages. Listen to my heart, to my soul, to my true self. Nurture my creativity, my feminine self.

How do you want to feel?

Danielle LaPorte first popped up on my radar about 18 months ago. For the first time, goal setting made sense to me. In my heart. I embarked on the soul journey that is The Desire Map.

What does my heart say? How do I want to feel?

Not do. Not achieve. Radical. Core Desired Feelings.

I want to feel connected, creative, radiant, nourished, invigorated.

Next across my path came Brené Brown and her Ted Talk on vulnerability and the book The Gifts of Imperfection. All the things Brené talks about cultivating – authenticity, self-compasssion, a resilient spirit, gratitude and joy and so on – are about opening your heart, sitting with that vulnerability and using your whole heart to live.

Be seen. Develop meaningful connection with others. Oh yes!

Yin Yang Mother recently wrote about opening your heart from a yogic perspective. She talked about noticing your breathing: does your chest fill completely or does it catch? Your back: does your thoracic spine or shoulders fold forward around your heart? This restriction, this pain is actually imprisoning your heart, not protecting it.

Yes, my body is closing in in my heart both physically and emotionally. I have headaches, painfully tight muscles. Practising a gentle bridge pose over a bolster helps open my chest physically and exposes my heart to vulnerability. I sometimes cry. I’m learning to be more comfortable with that and to be patient and kind.

The gentle and insightful Kirri White wrote yet another raw and open piece on self-caretaking a mindful pause. I find this strategy incredibly powerful.

But what am I actually doing when I press pause?

I’m listening to my heart.

I’ve been going to Kelly Burch‘s Fill Your Cup sessions and learning to use EFT to work with energy and emotions. I feel difficult emotions most often in my heart. The tapping helps me to listen patiently, evolve it and increase the positive energy. By the end of a session, my heart is often bursting with warm, loving, kind energy!

One of Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day recent prompts was “Listening to…”

My heart. My heart said I was listening to my heart.

My heart said be creative. I thought I’d try to draw or paint a heart rather than find some other image to photograph. I tried to sit with the uncomfortable feelings/thoughts (“but I’m hopeless at art”) and just make marks on the paper. Deb Dane‘s constant example helped inspire and encourage me.

Again with the vulnerability and fear when I shared my chosen image on Instagram and Facebook. But I’m so glad I did. It connected me with most of those core desired feelings. I felt radiant, invigorated, creative.

Deep gratitude to the women who put themselves out there, allow themselves to be vulnerable by showing us their heart and in so doing, uplift others around the planet.

OK Mother Universe. I’m listening! I commit to allowing my heart to guide me rather than the sometimes crazy stuff that whirls around inside my head.

How do you listen to your heart? What does it tell you?

Caz x

14 thoughts on “Listen To Your Heart

  1. Lovely piece Caz and I’m glad my post was on theme to keep you thinking and opening your heart. I’m very honoured to be included in an inspirational list. EFT is something I’m really going to investigate/try and some blockages sit very deeply in our bodies and hearts. X

    1. Thank you Kathy. That connections between the physical chest and emotional heart was such an ‘aha’ moment for me! And how can I not admire someone who’s about balance with some wobble and wine… xx

  2. This was so awesome Caz and thank you for being so raw and candid with us. On a side note I listen to TED sometimes too on Nat’l Public Radio here. I really like how you mentioned to be very aware of breathing and your body. I’ve actually been doing that a lot lately during a run of anxiety. And I’m sincerely sorry for what you’ve been experiencing yet thrilled that you are being proactive in making yourself feel better. My heart tells me I have a lot of fear (and I know what it is) and that I need to calm myself down. SOON. Thank you for sharing that and bringing a message when many of us no doubt needed it!!

    1. Thank you so much Mike. It means a great deal to me to hear that people get something out of what I write. I hope you get some peace and ease very soon. x

  3. I love this collective education and openness to your experiences being guide. To me you are open and ready for an adventure AND allowing it to happen and that makes such a positive difference. Humbled to adventure alongside you. 🙂 x

    1. Awww shucks Kelly. Thank you… I feel like my wings are stretching and I’m about to hop out of that cage and fly. xx

  4. Reading this post brings conjures up an image of a wall to wall tapestry, pieced together with tender love, and a richness of experience. While Im honored to be part of this tapestry, I want to hold and honour the hands and heart of the woman who is slowly weaving the thread to piece it all together.

  5. Beautiful piece Caz! It really is a life changing practice isn’t it. Every since I’ve started listening to my heart and paying attention to the messages that are so lovingly being sent my way my life has become far easier and more enjoyable! Thanks for this beautiful reminder. X

  6. Ah, so lovely! These past few months have been all about living open-hearted and vulnerable. I feel my heart open when I’m surrounded by nature, gratitude, and in yoga. The insights are often soft but clear – recently realizing that I need to say no to a few things, so I can say a BIG yes to the things that make my heart sing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lauren. I completely agree – nature, gratitude and yoga are places where we can quieten our mind to hear the whispering of our hearts.

  7. Love this!! What a beautiful post. It is so true for me also. I used to worry about everything. But this year, I have been following my heart. I set an intention every morning and try to spend a few minutes meditating. I have two toddlers, so that can be hard. But I do what I can

    1. Thanks for dropping by Ness. My Mr 7 was an extremely busy toddler who didn’t sleep so I feel for you. That’s fabulous if you’re managing to get even a tiny bit of clear head space in the mornings. x

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