Learning to fill my cup

Crio and candle

I’ve been feeling fairly blah again lately and out of any sense of rhythm or routine. Sigh…

Some of it has been rooted in the everyday – returning from Singapore, illness, fibromyalgia symptoms, Mr 7’s health and then getting sick myself with the the pelvic floor-challenging cough from hell. I’ve been struggling to keep on top of the everyday stuff and feel like I’m getting nowhere, or further behind if possible on other things.

I can see now that some of the blah-ness comes from neglecting myself. My inner self mostly. Sure I’ve been doing some things that I enjoy – reading, watching some favourite TV shows, cooking – but it hasn’t really kept me in touch with ME. I haven’t been nourishing myself with what my soul craves.

I read about Kelly Burch’s weekly Fill Your Cup sessions and my heart said “Yes!”. My head then chimed in with all sorts of unhelpful advice – it’s too far. You’re too busy. You shouldn’t be spending money on yourself. What would you want to do that for?

And then I thought, I am going to do this. I want to do this.

And I am loving it!

I started doing some EFT (tapping) in coaching sessions with Kirri White last year and found it a really effective way to change how I was feeling both physically and emotionally. Kelly trained Kirri and has also made up custom flower essence blends for Mr 7 so it felt like a natural convergence.

We’ve had a really supportive, intimate group of women. All of us have different stories but we’re all not afraid to listen to our hearts and delve into things that may not be easily explained. All the ‘proof’ I need is in how I feel.

Kelly’s analogy of filling your cup made a huge amount of sense to me. At the first session, I really felt like my cup was empty, with just a bone dry stain on the bottom. The EFT we did together, the sense of connection along with feeling good about having done something nurturing gave my cup a much needed top up.

Early the next morning we had to take Mr 7 to the ED with croup and deal with his distress when multiple doctors attempted to extract a foreign object from his ear that we didn’t even know was there (yes, Mother of the Year Award for me!). If my cup was still empty, I’m sure I wouldn’t have coped as well as I did, physically or emotionally. The croup resolved but the ear is an ongoing issue. I’ve regained the reserves to tap for Mr 7 too to help him stay calm.

At this week’s group, Kelly drew a picture of a bird in a cage. It meant different things to each of us and we each had a different emotional response. My initial response was to cough uncontrollably! Hmmm…


A common thread that emerged however, was that no matter what other people in our lives did or said, we each needed to take responsibility for how we felt.

Our own energy.

Fill our own cups.

Sure it’s nice if those we love are supportive, compliment or praise us and so on. But we need to know what we need and we can give it to ourselves.

Bird trust wings

I know that EFT helps lift my energy and enthusiasm for life. Writing and other creative pursuits nourish my spirit too.  Connecting with others. Spending time in nature.

I’m going to listen more closely to my heart and follow it to keep myself nourished.

How do you fill your cup? Do you keep it topped up or does it run dry from time to time?


5 thoughts on “Learning to fill my cup

  1. I love the way you have threaded this post together with your own learning and experiences Caz. It was a pleasure working with you and it’s quite exciting knowing that you are now spending valuable time with Kelly.
    I wish I could come and fill my cup with the two of you as well xx

    1. Thanks Kirri. Most of the lovely people Ive connected with online are in Qld or Sydney so it is extra special to be able to meet Kelly IRL and connect face to face. If ever I’m in Brisbane… or you’re down this way…xx

  2. Oh Caz I ADORE this! I’m the hugest advocate of self care and my life has changed before my very eyes since I started prioritising it (in saying that though, my cup is looking a little dry at the moment – some time away from the computer over the weekend is calling me. Screaming at me!). I’m releasing a special something later this year that speaks just to this very point. Thanks for sharing this vitally important message. X

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