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Last week I talked about my desire to keep Christmas simple, more joyful and the approach I’m going to take with gifts.

Today I’m going to introduce you to a number of lovely Australian women who make and sell products I admire. I’ve road tested things from all of them as well as having given them as gifts. I’m hoping people on my Christmas list aren’t reading this because I might be giving away some secrets…


Kids in the Kitchen

Kristin blogs at Mamacino and has this year launched her Mamacino Homemade range of granola and other delicious whole food treats. She has also just released her first cookbook – Kids in the Kitchen. I’ve bought four copies already – three to give as gifts and one for us to keep. Thoroughly tested by Kristin’s three hungry children, the recipes are simple and mouthwatering and the book is beautifully photographed and printed.


Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens by Little Urban Farmers

Conceived and designed by a friend of mine, these nifty little planters attach to tiles or glass, allowing you to have fresh herbs at your fingertips in the kitchen. They also look fabulous in the bathroom with succulents or bath toys. They’re eco-friendly too and Michelle was a finalist in Kevin Macleod’s Green Heroes at last year’s Grand Designs Live. They come flat packed so are easy to mail to loved ones. I’ve given many of these as gifts and have a set of white ones in my house too.



Naughty Naturopath Mum and Essence Practitioner

Alisha is a naturopath and mum to two small children. She now runs her Australian Bush Flower essence-based business online and is a cheery presence on social media. If you haven’t heard about Bush Flower Essences before, have a watch of this video. I’ve had a number of Alisha’s custom blends to help with various things and I just adore them. I’m currently loving the Cravings blend to help support me on my gut healing journey. Alisha also stocks the amazing Love System range of skin and body care products which make beautiful gifts.


Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart

Alexx is a crusader for healthy living and amongst many other things, an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. I have learnt a huge amount from Alexx’s blog and have cooked many of her recipes numerous times. If you’re quick, you can order a bag of her mother-in-law’s organic garlic, grown with love and care in the NSW Southern Highlands. Garlic not your thing? Try a copy of Alexx’s #1 Amazon best seller Real Treats (available as a PDF or Kindle format).


Mary Grace

Mary Grace Jewellery

Mary is a mum of six (!!) yet still manages to make gorgeous affordable jewellery, look fabulous and make it look easy. She produces a range of styles of earrings, necklaces and bracelets that is regularly updated and expanded. Her service is second to none and I’ve often bought things to give as gifts and been torn about parting with them. I think I’ll have to get another piece for myself when I put my Christmas order in. You can find browse the huge number of styles available on her website or on Etsy.




4MyEarth is a small Australian business dedicated to finding simple solutions to help reduce waste and other environmental impact. Rebecca produces re-usable food wraps, snack pockets, food covers and produce bags. I’ve used a bread bag for about 12 months to store my homemade bread and I’ll be ordering some of the food cover sets to go under the tree.

Go and visit some of these lovely ladies and get some Christmas shopping done quickly and easily while supporting small Australian businesses.

Which one of these takes your fancy? Do you have a favourite small online business you can share with us?

Caz x

4 thoughts on “Keeping Christmas Simple – Shop Small

  1. I don’t have any small businesses to recommend here in the States but I completely agree with you with keeping Christmas shopping simple, Caz. That one picture looks like a bowl of pesto spaghetti…and I will most definitely accept that from Santa anytime! 🙂

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