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Simple Xmas Gifts

With Christmas fast approaching, as well as Master A’s birthday, I found myself in a state of overwhelm about it all the other day.

There’s so much to do. How will I get it all done?

I want it to to be beautiful, meaningful, blogable, Pinterest-worthy even.

Money’s tighter this year, I have to set a budget but not skimp. 

I want to be organised not stressed but I’m getting stressed about wanting NOT to be stressed.

Sound familiar?

If so, Myquillyn from The Nester has a piece of wisdom to get us back on track.

 It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful this Christmas.


Simplify has been a guiding word for me this year as I realised I have a tendency to overcomplicate things. So how to simplify Christmas?

Today we’ll talk gifts.

I like to put a fair amount of thought into what I choose for the important people in our lives but I want to still be able to feel the joy of giving. I also want the process to be reflective of my philosophy of heart-centred living. Consistent with my values if you will.

Here are the key things I’m going to keep in mind this year to keep it simple, keep it joyful, keep it heart-felt.

Use What You’ve Got

I was going to make lovely upcycled heart ornaments to go with the teacher gifts but when I looked in the present box, discovered lovely porcelain ones I’d bought for next to nothing at an outlet store. The hearts can go on next year’s list. If you’re the sort of person like me who snaps up lovely things when you see them, have a good look in the cupboard and see what’s lurking there.

Streamline Handmade Items

I have made gifts for friends and teachers for many years, some years making up to a dozen types of edible or consumable items, some of which couldn’t be made or packaged until almost the last moment or were very time intensive.

This year I am going to keep to things I can make quickly in bulk ahead of time. Things I can make in my sleep so to speak but that still send a message of love and gratitude. I’m thinking about Lemon Sugar Scrub, Chocolate Granola and Chocolate Chai Syrup.

Theme Your Gifts

The people in our lives will have many intersecting interests so take advantage of that and buy multiples of things or gifts on a similar theme. Last year many of my loved ones received the Humans of New York coffee table book. Some of my ideas so far for this year include Keep Cups for the takeaway coffee drinkers, Adam Spencer’s Big Book of Numbers and a framed family portrait for the grandparents.

Shop Small

Last year I ended up buying a large number of gifts at Volumes, an independent book store/gift shop/cafe when a friend took me there for lunch – beautiful books, children’s activities, decorative items. I don’t think I’ll make it there this year as it is a bit of a drive but there are some local places I know I’ll visit.

There are so many talented women in the Australian blogosphere producing beautiful products that I’ll be seeking inspiration there as well. Look out for my upcoming post featuring my favourites.

I accept that I’ll probably lapse into the frenzy of Christmas at times but if I can just make things a little simpler, a little calmer then I can count it as a win.

Does gift shopping get you all hot and bothered? What are your tips for creating some calm from the potential chaos?

Caz x

7 thoughts on “Keeping Christmas Simple – Gifts

  1. love these ideas caz i am going to think about maybe that lemon sugar scrub for my girlfriends . we dont have any family here so the holidays are quite relaxed i send cards to our closest family and buy gifts for the children in our close circle plus girlfriend gifts and lovely bottles of wine for them and their spouses hubby also pickles his home grown chiliies to share xx

    1. I love the sound of your hubby’s chillies! I use the lemon scrub myself, particularly after dirty jobs and it smells so fresh xx

  2. Because I’m so busy with work this year and we’ve got a family wedding boxing day, I’ve tried to include the whole family in the process rather than taking it all on myself which is what I typically do. We’ve been brainstorming gift ideas together in the evenings and that has made everyone’s brain move into gift mode as we have been at school fairs and markets the last few weeks. I also have been keeping a list on my phone so that every time I have to go somewhere for shopping I try and buy one present or the things I need to make it so that financially I keep it within the weekly expenses and so that I can minimize any specific gift shopping. The kids are helping with the making of gifts and will do all of the wrapping and cards later. By financially trying to spread it all out over the last month and getting the kids to help it has also meant that I’m feeling like I’m almost there despite starting later than I typically do.

    1. Brainstorming together – what a great, yet simple idea. I might print out my list and see if I can get my guys involved. Even if I end up doing most of the ‘work’, I can encourage them to be more involved. xx

  3. What a terrific post, Caz! I really liked how you emphasized simplifying things. One unique twist just for me personally is that I’ve always gifted my friends 12 months a year in many forms. I don’t want to wait until one date on the calendar each year to let them know how much I appreciate and love them. And when I said in many forms that can mean that it doesn’t need to be a material gift. I hope this finds you guys doing well and that you had a terrific weekend! 🙂

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