Go At Your Own Pace


We’ve hit the new year and social media is filled with people’s intentions, desires and goals for the year ahead. Not to mention wrap ups of the year coming to a close.

I made a decision a little while ago that I would like to be more intentional this coming year. That I wanted to be clearer on what I wanted to achieve, where I was going. What was important to me and how I wanted to feel.

Having done a gut healing program in November/December, I finally felt that I had a bit of a handle on how I was going to make a significant difference with my health. Not to mention greater mental clarity to actually consider ‘the meaning and direction of my life’. 
Then the crazy season hit in earnest –

Master A’s birthday festival (there seemed to be so many events).

End of year activities for school (parties, concerts, dressups). 

And of course Christmas. 

I was writing about Keeping Christmas Simple to try and stay sane and avoid collapsing in a heap but I didn’t get as many posts written as I would have liked. I didn’t keep things as simple as I would have liked. I didn’t avoid wheat or sugar as much as I would have liked. 

I fell in that heap, albeit a smaller one than in years past.

After overcoming a bit of overwhelm, I started to sort through my overflowing email inbox and found some tools for reflections, planning, dreaming and finding my word for the year ahead. I printed off a couple of workbooks to go through while we’re in the slow lane at the Gippsland Lakes. 

And then I was hit by a deluge of people who were ten steps ahead of me. I was ‘behind schedule’.

Theodore Roosevelt

And then I gave myself permission to go at my own pace. Breathe.

By now it’s New Year’s Day and I don’t have my word for the year established let alone blogged yet. So what? Does that mean the year is ruined? Of course not.

By being forgiving and not buying into an arbitrary deadline, I’ve freed myself up to be able to experience a wonderful guided visualisation about my ideal day. It felt so clear and so damn good. I can’t wait for what comes next. 

We can get so caught up in the concept of making a deadline or milestone that we lose sight of why the heck that goal was important to us in the first place. 

We are also usually far more accepting of others taking life’s challenges at their own pace – 

Would we express disappointment in our child for learning to ride a 2 wheel bike at 8 rather than 4?

Would we berate our best friend for not managing to give up smoking…yet?

Hopefully, you’ve all yelled “of course not!” at the screen.

So… Go at your own pace.
Be your own best friend, be gentle with that small child within.
Encourage and accept yourself as you would someone you care a great deal about. 
Keep in mind how it will feel when you reach that place but keep your mind off the stopwatch.

Oh, and it’s now ten days since I started writing this, intending to publish immediately. Going at my own pace. And it’s ok.

How do you manage to go at your own pace and avoid the trap of comparison?

Caz x

One thought on “Go At Your Own Pace

  1. I am glad you let yourself off the hook instead of pressuring yourself. This was a huge lesson for me last year as I found my very slow work pace. It was the only way I could move forward AND maintain my mental health and self care. There is no deadline for self growth and positive intentions. Xxxx

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