From the Muck…

Some years ago I read an analogy about lotus flowers emerging from the dirty mud. I was going through some tough times and it struck a chord.

Beauty from the ugly.

Light from the dark.


They say if you haven’t learnt a particular lesson that it will continue to present itself until you do. History repeating and all that.

Our spa had been neglected all winter after yet another thing went wrong with it. Muck, gunk and general revoltingness developed. Completely unpleasant and uninviting.

dirty spa

I decided to push through the heavy resistance I was feeling and just blooming well clean it, prepare it for the new parts that had been ordered. As I delved down into the dirty, sludgy stuff that had been festering there for some time, thoughts began to flow.

This won’t go by ignoring it.

I need to get in there, get dirty, wade through it and clear it out.

I wasn’t thinking about just the water for long…

Our ‘stuff’, baggage, limiting beliefs, unhelpful thoughts or patterns of behaviour.

Ignoring these things is not helpful, not enjoyable. There can be no clarity.

Find the energy to clear out the muck and make space for beauty to emerge.

The process involved adding clean water and swirling it into the muck. It seemed like it was getting worse. That there was no end! That I was going over the same ground again and again.

dirty spa 2

But gradually it felt like I was getting somewhere…

dirty spa 3

And then…




sparkling spa

Maintaining the clear water requires some regular work, much like taking care of ourselves. If neglected, it will return to muck and seem insurmountable. Again.

It’s becoming routine however, these small, regular maintenance tasks. I don’t have to think as much about it. I just do it. AND get to enjoy the results.

Now to apply this approach to other aspects of life…

How do you reclaim your sparkle? How good does it feel to have even a tiny ‘polish up’?


10 thoughts on “From the Muck…

  1. Love it – of course very yin-yang – from muck to sparkle, pain to gain etc. It really does help to visualize this whole cleaning process – the foot spa at the end looks like it was all worth it.

  2. Caz, sorry I’m so late Commenting on this! Phoenix and I were walking past a jacuzzi in the ground just the other day and thought wow how do they bring that back life? And your post sure answered that! To your question – I’ve been working on house stuff literally this week. Spring Cleaning times a few years times 10. Good post! 🙂

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