Feeling Enough… a Destination or a Journey?

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Recently I took part in Kate Northrup‘s 21 Day Money Love Challenge to explore some of my beliefs around money and finances. I’d read some of her mother Christiane Northrup‘s work years ago and discovered Kate through her collaborations with inspiring women like Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo and Kris Carr.

I’ll say upfront that I am usually turned off by ‘schemes’ and ‘programs’ that seem focused on building monetary wealth and status ahead of other less tangible measures of ‘success’. To each their own but that’s just not me.

To go back a bit, there was a lot of email and social media traffic ahead of the release of Kate’s Money: A Love Story in 2013. I hadn’t been paying much attention to a lot of it but in an article I can’t find now, Kate was emphatic that taking care of your finances is an essential self-care strategy. And that by ignoring it or not developing a good relationship with your money you were engaging in self-sabotage.


Money. Love. Self-care.

Given my interest in self-care coupled with a desire to explore long held beliefs that may be having a negative impact on my life and the people around me, this seemed like a path worth following.

Just over a week in to the Challenge, the focus for the day was You Are Enough. The task was to write down and share 3 ways in which you are MORE than enough.

Sure, no problem. I thought I was doing WAY better with this stuff but it quickly became a scary prospect.

I am a great mother.
I am a fabulous cook.


What to put next?

Then that Lizard Brain-Inner Critic of mine got snarky…

Boasting are we?
Getting too big for your boots?
Who do you think you are?

And then, like the classic “What are your weaknesses?” job interview question, I found myself choosing weaknesses and turning them around to make it seem like more of a strength.

I do too much for other people and don’t take care of myself became
I am very generous with friends, family and the wider community.

By the way, those classic interview answers – I’m a perfectionist… I’m really hard on myself… they are ABSOLUTELY weaknesses. Don’t be pretending ’bout that!

So, working through it a bit more…

I am creative.
I am passionate

Hmmm… Still feeling a bit ‘icky’ about this, more work to do.

So it seems that this I Am Enough business is an ongoing process rather than a finite task that can be neatly ticked off and filed away. It’s a journey, not a destination. Just like life really. As Elizabeth Gilbert always says as she signs off, ONWARD.

Do you struggle with feeling enough? What helps you in those moments of self-doubt?

Caz x

One thought on “Feeling Enough… a Destination or a Journey?

  1. This is great hon. Progress xxx. Not sure if you saw in my newsletter a couple of weeks back I linked to a great post by kate at courageous living that had a big a ha for me. She connected money issues to “I am enough” issues. Worth a read xxx

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