Succulents in Recycled Tin Cans

Succulents in Recycled Tin Cans | Home Heart Haven

Succulents are a favourite plant of mine and I’m always on the look out for new ways to use them in both the house and the garden.

Succulents are very forgiving plants that:

  • thrive on neglect
  • multiply quickly
  • are super easy to propogate

which adds up to a budget-friendly, brown thumb-friendly little bundle of green.

Succulent Collage | Home Heart Haven

For interior use and gifts, I’ve previously played with vintage teacups and re-purposed teapots. My most recent effort is using recycled tin cans as planters.

After cleaning off any residual goo from the label with eucalyptus oil, leave the can as is or wrap with some jute webbing and scraps of string. A dab of hot glue keeps the webbing securely in place. (And I love an excuse to get the glue gun out!)

Succulent In Can with Jute and String | Home Heart Haven

When planting succulents in re-purposed containers without drainage holes, I’ve had the most success treating them like an open terrarium:

  • For the bottom layer use small pebbles to help with drainage.
  • Next add a layer of activated or horticultural charcoal to keep things fresh.
  • Wet some sphagnum moss and add a thin layer to completely cover the charcoal.
  • Now add a quality succulent potting mix, leaving space for your plants. Back fill if necessary.

Depending on how much soil is left exposed, you may wish to add a layer of pebbles as a decorative mulch.

Water gently, being careful not to flood the pot.

Place in a sunny spot and enjoy. Remember, its better to under water rather than over water.

What’s your favourite easy care plant? Do you have any other ideas for cute planters?

I’m linking up with the amazing Deb from Inner Compass Designs for The Creativity Tree. Go and have a look at what other people have been creating this week.

Caz x

19 thoughts on “Succulents in Recycled Tin Cans

    1. Thanks Julie. I made the teapot one for a dear friend who loves her tea. My mum has claimed one of the tin can ones… Thanks so much for stopping by x

  1. Omg I love these so much. I want succulents but hubby insists we do not get enough light at out house. Outside we have a lot of shade thanks to out ginormous poinseana tree and inside we have bloody crim safe windows and they reduce the light. We are hoping to add skylights so then I will come back and indulge my fantasies. Xxx

    1. Thanks so much Deb. The jade plants will cope with much lower light so maybe you could try one of those. One of the things I love about our house is the huge windows that help keep it light even during a grey Melbourne winter. xx

  2. Found you via the linky 🙂
    Love these! I must get some – anything that thrives on neglect plantwise sounds very good for me – I recently managed to kill the plant given to me when I became an Australian Citizen last month argh.
    I love the teacup one especially – most inspiring thank you!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Pam. Sorry to hear about your plant :(. Let us know if you make a teacup one.

    1. Hi Rhianna. Yes, it would be a great idea for fetes etc. You could whip up a stack quite quickly. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Stopping by from Deb’s Creativity Tree! I love this idea! Especially the tea cup idea! My sister loves plants and just moved into a new house….a teacup with a succulent in it would be a perfect housewarming gift!

    1. Sounds like a great idea Jen. I’m just trying to find the ‘perfect’ cup for a friend of mine with a new house. Thanks for visiting!

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