Confessions of a Dishonest Mama

Mothers lie

Yes, I lie to my child. Not just about the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny either.

Sometimes I lie to my child about what I’m feeding him.

As I’ve mentioned before, my Mr 7 has sensory and anxiety issues with food. It makes feeding him frustrating, difficult and sometimes embarrassing when other people don’t get why your child won’t eat millions of things ‘all’ children eat.

I really try to give him a good diet. I’d love him to have a great diet. I get a whole truckload of mother guilt every time I hear that the paleo/primal/GAPS/SCD/gluten-free/dairy-free diet would ‘cure’ his anxiety and make him a much ‘better’ human being. That I shouldn’t let him have tomato sauce on most things. That completely changing his diet is the answer to everything.

We’ve been to all the ‘experts’. He simply won’t eat some textures. New foods are beyond scary. Combined or lumpy foods are a nightmare – no vegetable-laden bolognese for us.

Mr 7 loves a chip – hot chip, plain crisp, french fry. Not a wedge or a crinkle cut. No salt & vinegar or BBQ. I’ve got him onto home made hot crisps cooked in coconut oil sprinkled with pink salt.


Last night I thought he was ready for another variation. Another micro step. Sweet potato chips. Sweet, delicious, salty.

Nope. Gagging and regurgitation.


This is why I lie at times. I even confessed to him last night that the aforementioned repulsive sweet potato was in his favourite rice balls that he’s been eating for years.

With lashing of tomato sauce.

Of course.

Lying leaving out

The rice ball lie is even bigger – when he didn’t want to eat chicken, I lied, albeit by omission about chicken being a key component of the rice balls. I never mention the Vital Veggie Powder I sneak in when he’s not looking.

Whilst I’m coming clean, some of my other lies include hiding magnesium powder in his milk.

‘Special salt’ aka cinnamon on his popcorn (although that’s ok now).

Spirulina in chocolate brownies.

Green ‘butter’ (avocado).

Mr 7 loves the concept of eating healthily, just can’t always cope with the reality of what needs to pass his lips for that to happen.

I’ve just bought some of the Nutra Organics Thriving Protein Powder and tried to pass it off as special healthy chocolate milk.  Nope, the texture was a bit off for him and he couldn’t get it down.

I tried again today. And by that I mean I lied.


What about a smoothie? I say.

He likes the idea of smoothies, having seen them on TV and at the shopping centre.

Yes, a chocolate one please.

What about a chocolate banana one? The frozen banana will make it super creamy.


So yes, the smoothie had milk, frozen banana and chocolate (raw cacao).

I didn’t tell him about the small amount of the previously rejected coconut choc protein powder or the gelatin.

I did tell him about the maple syrup and cinnamon. And made sure I blended the bejesus out of it to get the powders to dissolve as best I could.


Life’s a crap shoot some days…


So my lies are really all for the best. That makes it ok, doesn’t it?

What ‘good’ lies do you tell your children?



10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Dishonest Mama

  1. My twins insist that they loathe dates…but they love my cashew-date bliss balls. After so many food lies in the past, I am at the ‘A-Ha – See you DO like dates. What do you think is in those?! And you know that smoothie we had yesterday? Well that was packed with spinach and as for….

    I have become a walking confessional 🙂

    1. Hopefully I’ll get to that stage Kirri. We had tears last night before dinner as there was some new food but he did well. Back to safe ground today to recuperate.

    1. It’s almost like a reverse Heston Blumenthal challenge – it has to look like something familiar, taste as expected but actually be something else. It exercises my creativity that’s for sure!

  2. There was some irony to this post as it relates to me, Caz. I have suffered from bouts of severe anxiety for a good portion of my adult life. I’ve never taken medication for it but just try to power through it with meditation and positive mantras. Obvious with a 7 year old you are dealing with an entirely different difficult situation. I’m so sorry for his anxiety!! Red sauces do not agree with me and I have to take a pill to help with my upset stomach if I ever do. You are looking after the best interest of his health to sneak (lie) nutrition into his food and frankly I APPLAUD you for that!! Sending both him and you lots of prayers and perseverance as he battles this and, thinking positively, will overcome it! Many hugs to you guys 🙂

    1. Thanks Mike. And dogs have been proved to help reduce cortisol levels (unless they’re sick!) as I’m sure you know!

  3. We deal with this with miss 11- been 8-9 years of this journey. I lie. I try. I pray. I often just omit the details and beg her to try with an open mind (sometimes that works and other times not. I celebrate the wins (chicken shnitzel after 8 years of hating chicken, still no other types but yay for the schnitzel). Do whatever works for you hon xxx

    1. Go the chicken schnitzel! Yet another thing my boy went off but he’s negotiated to help me make our own popcorn chicken tonight. x

  4. I used to HATE drinking milk when I was little but loved those mini-creamers from restaurants. My mom would secretly re-fill them up with milk to trick me into drinking it!;-) Love this post!

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