What’s in the fridge?

Sonia, the fabulous Natural New Age Mum, challenged some bloggers to bare their fridges to the world today. What fun, I thought. Then ‘worrythoughts’ set in… What will people think? My food choices aren’t ‘perfect’ and my fridge isn’t super organised and Pinterest-worthy…

So, as an exercise in keeping it real and allowing myself to feel a tad vulnerable, this is what’s in my fridge…

Fridge content

A variety of Asian sauces including oyster, black vinegar and mushroom soy.
Cassis (for adding to champagne), maple syrup, yeast for homemade bread, butter, ginger and a variety of other condiments.
Milk, bubbly, white wine and soda water (yes, I do like the odd tipple!).

More sauces, condiments including my sister in law’s famous plum sauce and mum’s jam.
Soup, goat’s cheese, avocado and strawberries plus probiotics, gut supplements and medication.

Then we have a variety of nuts (I activated my own almonds for the first time last week), yoghurt, cheese, mushrooms and so on. The jar with the black lid to the right of the cheese contains Crio Bru grounds, ready for me to try some sort of face mask/scrub.

Still more condiments, curry pastes, capers, olives, more Asian ingredients such as miso, tamarind paste. Yup, love Asian food.

Bacon (hubby loves a cooked breakfast) and then we hit the main vegetable section. Today I have broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots, snake beans, cauliflower, celery, red and yellow capsicum, zucchini and pumpkin. In the big blue pot is my lamb, barley and vegetable soup/stew (recipe coming soon).

Things that are normally in my fridge but I just happened to be out of that day include free range turkey and mountain bread (for Mr 6’s wraps) plus coconut cream and my frequent breakfast of mixed grain/nut/seed congee (I must remember to soak some more tonight!).

There you have it, my fridge wide open. Check out other people who have ‘bared all’ in the blog hop below.

Do you have a favourite cold item that I should find a home for in my fridge?

13 thoughts on “What’s in the fridge?

    1. Yes, Sonia, I am sooo lucky to have a set of 3 Le Creuset round pots. I bought them years ago at a ridiculously low price – could never afford to buy them now!

  1. My favourite is already in your fridge – that beautiful marinated goats cheese on your top shelf – blissful – it’s my special treat to myself when I come in under budget for the shopping. I’m disappointed though Caz, I can’t see any containers filled with month old leftovers ready to crawl out on their own like there is in my fridge!

    1. Yes, the Meredith cheese is a splurge for me too but I got taken to Costco last week and it was $9.95 – had to buy some!

      1. Exciting. I have just signed up for a Costco membership with my work and they open on November 20 in Ringwood. The Meredith cheese might be able to become a more regular appearance at that price!

  2. What an absolutely brilliant idea for a blog hop! I’m away right now or I would have participated in this! But, I’m going to look at the other posts! How fun Home Heart Haven! 🙂

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