Raspberry Infused Vodka

Raspberry Vodka

Once upon a time, there was a glut of lemons and a bottle of vodka. They were destined to make limoncello, primarily to give as gifts this Christmas but some for entertaining as well.

Alas, with one thing and another, the lemons and vodka did not meet. The lemons were used in ordinary, every day cooking. A few might have gone off… And then it was too late to start limoncello for Christmas anyway.

The vodka and empty bottles continued to sit in a corner in my kitchen reminding me of a task not done. Promise unfulfilled. And they were getting in the way.

Today was the day to give the kitchen a good scrub and I started in the vodka corner. Mainly because it’s a small space and I figured if I could just get one bit under control and nicely clean it would inspire me to keep going.

A flash of inspiration…

Raspberries. I have loads of frozen raspberries.

Raspberries + Vodka = Delicious! And February in Melbourne is still a great time for fruity summer cocktails.

After quickly consulting Chef Google, I settled on the following cobbled-together method.

  • Wash and sterilise 3 bottles
  • Place 50g frozen raspberries in the bottom of each bottle.
  • Using a funnel, pour 50g sugar over the raspberries.
  • Top with 1/3 bottle of medium quality vodka (my bottle was 700ml).
  • Screw the lids on and give each bottle a few gentle shakes.
Raspberry Vodka

A beautiful rich colour already.

I’ll continue with ‘the shakes’ each morning until the sugar has dissolved and then hide them away in a dark cupboard for 3 months. Hopefully. They might get tested before then.

I was feeling down that I hadn’t got the limoncello made but now I’m feeling chipper about the prospect of raspberry vodka with soda and lime come February.

Have you ever had a plan go awry only to come up with a cunning new plan?
What’s your favourite infused beverage?

Caz x

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Infused Vodka

  1. Ha, raspberry (and cranberry) vodka drinks are two of my buddy’s favorites, Caz! I’m usually a whiskey guy (though that is few and far between anymore) but to have an infused vodka like this would be terrific! Is it Happy Hour yet? 🙂

    1. Always happy hour at our place :). What’s your style in whisky? Single malt or a blend? We’re so fond of whisky we have a whole cabinet of it!

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