Let the Fermenting Begin

The arrival of Spring here in the southern hemisphere has me thinking about new projects, spring cleaning and so on. So many things to tackle … Where to start?

My gut has been giving me grief for some time and I’ve been working on a number of strategies, inspired by Alisha, the Naughty Naturopath Mum.  She has done a fabulous series on gut health that you can check out here.

Fermenting. Culturing.  This is one of the key things that Alisha recommended that I hadn’t yet really taken on board. Done. That’s what my first Spring project will be.

Why is cultured food so important?

Fermenting and culturing foods with good bacteria helps our gut lining and digestion of our foods.  We already have bacteria in our gut but adding to that in the way of good bacteria helps propagate our bodies own levels and keeps things balanced.

Essential for everyone, children and adults alike to decrease food intolerance, increase immunity and keep the gut wall protected from leaky gut syndrome which then leads to inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

Naughty Naturopath Mum

I had a go at fermenting some carrots with Pinkfarm‘s ginger carrot recipe but my technique was obviously lacking… Not appetising nor in fact edible.

Carrots gone wrong

I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Pickl-it jar from Kitsa’s Kitchen in the hope that it might make the process a bit more foolproof.

Pickl-it jar

I’ll also try the culture starter that Kitsa recommended. My farmers market is on this weekend so I’ll get some carrots and go again.

I’ve made dairy yoghurt before, both successfully and unsuccessfully. The method that worked well uses milk powder as well as fresh milk which I’m not overly keen on. I’m also on a trial of being lactose-free so that’s not a great option for me at the moment.

Enter coconut yoghurt…

Coconut Yoghurt

A few bloggers have been raving about it but I hadn’t got around to trying it. Until today. Oh…my… It is delicious and feels so rich and luxurious. But it’s good for you…! It is rather expensive though, so making your own would keep it a bit more budget friendly.

Alisha to the rescue again with a super easy method. It’s cooler here than where she lives so I’m still in two minds about using the bowl on the bench method or using a yoghurt maker with little glass jars that I have in the cupboard. Maybe I’ll try both and see.

After I work on these two techniques I want to try some fermented drinks. We already consume a fair amount of wine in this house (you should see hubby’s cellar!!) but what I mean is kombucha and kefir – naturally fermented drinks that contain loads of beneficial bacteria for keeping your gut in tip top condition. Stay tuned for my efforts with those.

So, as I embark upon my fermenting adventures, has anyone got any great tips or recipes to share?

What are your favourite fermented or cultured foods?

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