Is it soup? Is it stew? It’s lamb, barley and vegetables

Lamb, barley & vegetables

I’ve been trying to cook soups more frequently, particularly to have ready for lunches as there are so many benefits –

  • No thinking ‘what’s for lunch??’ and in the absence of an easy good choice, making a poor one.
  • Loads of vegetables
  • Using bone broth/homemade stock adds a powerhouse of nutrients
  • Soup is healthy comfort food
  • Warm, slow cooked food can be easier to digest, particularly if you are run down.

So, here’s what I threw together this week. It makes a big pot but keeps well or can be frozen in portions for days when life is busy.

Lamb Necks with Barley and Vegetables

  • Brown 2kg lamb necks (I used 4 whole necks, but chops would be fine too) in a large heavy pot and put aside.
  • Lower the heat and sweat the following chopped vegetables –  2 onions, 4 medium carrots, 4 celery sticks, 1 largish parsnip.
  • Add 2 small chopped sweet potatoes, 4 sprigs of thyme and 2 bay leaves and stir to coat.
  • Return the lamb necks to the pan with 3/4 cup rinsed barley.
  • Cover well with cold water and a tablespoon (approx) of apple cider vinegar.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Partially cover pot with lid. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 1.5 – 2 hours, skimming as necessary until lamb can be separated from the bone with a spoon.
  • Remove necks and allow to cool slightly. Use fingers to gently tease meat from the bones and return to pot.
  • Check seasoning.

Serve with loads of chopped parsley or gremolata and extra ground pepper.
You may need a fork. You may need a spoon. You may want both.

What’s your favourite soup/stew dish?

3 thoughts on “Is it soup? Is it stew? It’s lamb, barley and vegetables

  1. I absolutely love soups and stews, Caz! Especially hearty ones with vegetables that warm every part of you. Tis the season to start making them, isn’t it?

  2. My family and I are really enjoying a curried red lentil soup at the moment. I cooked it expecting some resistance from the kids but they really enjoyed it. You would think by now I would have learnt not to underestimate my kids varied taste.

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