Eating Our Way Around Singapore (Part 1)


Marina Bay Sands from Gluttons Bay

My musician hubby had a month long job in Singapore recently which gave Mr 7 and I the chance to hop on over for the middle part of his contract. That way we wouldn’t miss each other too much, we’d get a kind of family holiday plus a visit to Legoland Malaysia into the bargain!

We all love to eat in this house. Nom nom nom. My cooking is often inspired by the food we’ve eaten in our travels around south east asia over the last 18 years. Singapore has so much great food as it’s a meeting place of many cultures and cuisines.

We basically ate our way around the island, exploring the different ethnic quarters as well as the primarily residential area that was our home base.

Chinatown was one of our first outings. After a wander through the touristy stalls in Pagoda and Mosque Streets we found the Chinatown Complex Food Centre (upstairs at 335 Smith Street) and appeared to be the only Western tourists around. The food was amazingly cheap (much cheaper than outside on Smith Street itself) and delicious. Over a couple of visits, some of our favourites were the chicken rice, spicy wontons and char kway teow (fried rice noodles).

Chinatown Stall

The boys in Chinatown
Chicken rice

Chicken Rice – Singapore’s national dish
Spicy wontons

Spicy wontons


Little India
Both my ‘boys’ love to shop so we had to visit the famous Mustafa Centre in Little India. We spent a happy couple of hours prowling the crowded aisles before our stomachs grumbled. We wandered down Serangoon Road to the Tekka Centre on the corner of Bukit Timah Road, stopping for our customary fresh juices and to admire the old shop houses.

Curries, chicken tikka and a variety of breads filled us up with Mr 7 devouring a chocolate roti in record time. The enterprising owner of one of the drinks stalls offered table service and kept us ‘watered’ with orange juice (Mr 7), local beer (hubby) and lime juice with whole miniature limes (me).

Tekka centre

Tekka Centre lunchtime crowd
Indian food

Variety of Indian dishes
Lime juice

Lime juice – so refreshing!


Newton Circus
Newton Circus, also known as Newton Food Centre, is an institution in Singapore. It became our second dining room as it was only about a five minute walk from our hotel. Snacks, lunch or dinner were easy to grab on the way to or from the Newton MRT station.

Satays, popiah (a type of fresh spring roll), curries, nasi goreng, noodles… the selection was endless. Mr 7 was particularly happy when the Ais kacang stall was open as they did a version with chocolate syrup! Hubby and I treated ourselves to black pepper crab on our last day together.

walk to Newton

Easy walk to Newton Circus

We had to have mixed satay!
Black pepper crab

Black Pepper Crab


Kampong Glam (Arab Quarter)
We walked and walked to try to find a place for lunch that fitted our usual criteria – a place that wasn’t obviously for tourists and was more reflective of the locals of that area. Finally a Moroccan place a few doors from the Sultan Mosque seemed ok and we ventured in out of the heat. The meal itself was fine but took forever to come. The standout was my drink – lime juice blended with mint. I’ll be attempting to replicate it next summer.

Moroccan tiles

Gorgeous tiles in Kampong Glam
Sultan Mosque

The Sultan Mosque gleams even on gloomy days.
Mint lime juice

Minty lime juice – a winner!

There’ll be more about our Singaporean food adventures shortly.

How do you like to eat when you travel? What’s your favourite foodie destination?

Caz x

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  1. Oh Caz, Singapore is easily my #1 Asian bucket list destination! That is awesome that you cook a lot of those dishes at home. Nom nom nom indeed! I can eat won tons and satay allllll day long if I had that opportunity. Now you have me hungry! Great post! 🙂

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