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One of the easiest ways I’ve found to incorporate self-care into my daily routine is to take something I’m already doing regularly and tweak it slightly so that it feels kind and nurturing, rather than something done on autopilot.

As I’m already committing the time and energy to the task (usually minimal), all I need to do is change my intent and be more mindful.

Now you may have heard of lazy-girl beauty routines but I’m here to tell you I am the laziest of all lazy-girls. My skin tends to be dry to sensitive so the one thing I do every day without fail is to slap on some moisturiser. And it really was ‘slap’ until I had this realisation.

Here’s how I want you to give yourself some self-love in just 10-15 seconds.

Get your skin potion of choice. It can be an all organic number, something from the supermarket or a teaspoon of coconut or almond oil.

Look at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Kindly. This is not the time for an analysis of potential flaws.

Ever so gently, start to smooth your moisturiser over your skin. Imagine you are softly massaging it into a baby’s skin. Use a soft, slow caress. Go down your neck and do your decolletage as well.

Breathe. Feel the tension slip away as you receive love through the touch of your hands. Notice the sensation on your skin as well as in your heart.

This should take about 15 seconds. You’ve got that amount of time, haven’t you?

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