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Sometimes when we crave sugary, salty, carbohydrate-laden foods it is due to a physical or biochemical imbalance in our body. But no, that doesn’t mean giving in to that craving is the right answer!

More often than not, what we our craving is nourishment for our heart, our soul. We are needing to be ‘fed’ in a different way.  Overloading on junk food won’t provide what we really require.

Fortunately, there is a way we can use chocolate to nourish our inner selves. It’s all about the choice of chocolate, the quantity (shock, horror!) and how mindful we are when we eat it. Here’s my ‘recipe’…

Self-care by Chocolate

Take one small square of quality dark chocolate (at least 75%). I love mint, chilli and sea salt varieties as well.

Put the rest away. Now. Hide it from the family if you need to.

Slowly unwrap that beautiful little chocolate. Notice the glossy sheen on its surface. Inhale that gorgeous chocolately scent.

Gently place the chocolate in your mouth and let it sit on your tongue. Close your eyes.

Allow the heat of your mouth to gradually melt the chocolate and start to move it around your mouth. Be aware of the texture, the taste, the aroma. Take your time. Keep breathing through your nose. (Moans and “When Harry Met Sally” moments are completely optional!)

Enjoy every second of that chocolate as a indulgent, sensory experience that you have given to you. A few moments of love and care just for you.

When the taste has disappeared, take a few slow, deep breaths. Open your eyes and get back to work, the children or whatever it is that fills your day.

Be happy in the knowledge that you’ve managed to create a tiny snippet of time and love – SELF-CARE.

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4 thoughts on “Self-Care by Chocolate

    1. My boy and I had a square each of dark mint tonight. I’m trying to train him up to appreciate quality over quantity.

  1. I keep a stock of dark chilli chocolate in the house for just this purpose. A piece with my green tea in the quiet that comes after I’ve prepared or delivered everyone to where they need to be in the morning, before I start work, or at the end of the day with a nice glass of scotch. There’s something indulgent about having a piece of chocolate in the morning. I really enjoy the tingle that comes from the chilli chocolate but I also know my kids won’t eat it so it’s there when I want it.

    1. Nice plan with the chilli. Pity that won’t work on keeping my hubby away from it! I must try it with green tea. Thanks for the tip x

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