Welcome lovely one

I’m Caz and in this cozy community I help busy women learn to nurture and nourish themselves using tiny pockets of time and energy that make a real difference to their sense of well-being.

I’m passionate about teaching women who ‘don’t have enough time’ for self-care, to do just that!



Here’s what I’ve noticed

As women, we are totally brilliant at busying ourselves taking care of others’ needs, particularly those we love or feel responsible for. It seems so important to do all those things for others, at home, at work, within your community. It is important. You’re needed. And you ‘should’ be able to cope. Shouldn’t you??

It’s so easy to put our own needs off until later. Tomorrow I’ll… Next week… Next month… I’ll be ok. I’ll get through. I’ll survive.


But eventually

You’re exhausted, depleted, existing in fight or flight mode all the time. You start to forget who you are. What is important to you. How to laugh, relax, have fun.

You’re so tired you slide into just numbing out in front of the TV or social media. You eat for energy (hello sugar and processed carbs!). And then beat yourself up for doing it.

Maybe you’re so pressured for time that you can’t stop thinking of your to do list, even when you can finally stop for five minutes.

Circumstances are such that you can’t leave for a few hours to do a yoga class let alone a weekend with the girls. What you’d give for some ‘me’ time.

You’re so tired that getting up an hour early to meditate or exercise is just not an option.

There are so many demands on your finances that you can’t justify dropping $100 on a massage, even if you did have the time or energy.

You want more from life than existing. You do want to take care of yourself. If only someone would take care of you. Ease that ache around your heart.


I hear you, my lovely

I’ve been there. I have totally been there. I spent years and years pushing through, taking care of my loved ones through a variety of challenging circumstances with my needs never quite making the list.

I knew something had to change when I shouldn’t shake off the continual tiredness and stress. Ill health. I was not enjoying life as I had hoped for. I was often wishing the days away.


But then I found a new way

I started by learning not to listen so intently to that inner mean girl and to explore what it was that I really valued, who I really was, who I wanted to be.

I explored self-care in a way that worked for me; food as a healing force; and developed a deep sense of gratitude for who and what I have in my life. I listened closely to my heart to learn what my soul was craving.


Why survive when you can thrive?

Today I feel much more in touch with who I am, including parts of me that I ignored or denied for years. My soul feels more nourished, my creativity is flourishing once again and my home is an imperfect sanctuary where I love to spend time alone, with my family and with treasured friends.



Things I have learnt

To embrace the perfectly imperfect

To treat myself as I would treat a beloved friend

To listen to my heart

To start before I am ready

To trust my intuition

To laugh and be free once again

That food can be powerful medicine as well as bring great joy.

That I am capable of so much more than I thought. That I know much more than I thought.


I’ve learnt how to take much better care of my needs whilst still keeping all those balls in the air and I’d love to show you that it’s possible for you too.


Picture this

Imagine feeling like there was time and space each week day just for you. Snippets of time that made you feel like you again. The old you. Or the new you. You choose.

When life feels like there is nothing for you but work, caring and other responsibilities, there is a way you can take snippets of time and give generously to yourself.

Your heart will thank you for it.


You can give yourself what you need.

You can nurture and nourish yourself and begin to thrive again.

You can learn to be a friend to yourself. A very good friend.


Your cortisol will drop.

Your muscles will relax.

You’ll smile more easily.


The burdens you carry will feel lighter.

You will feel loved by yourself again.

You can do this. You are so worth this.  


My mission is to share my experiences with you along with the insights and tools I’ve discovered. I want to help you discover what your heart is whispering so that you can shape the happy, healthy and content life you crave and deserve.


Home Heart Haven is about the little things you can do to make your own life more…you.

It’s about learning to nurture and nourish yourself.

It’s exploring a happier, healthier way of being.

It’s gentle, it’s loving, it’s incremental change that is achievable and sustainable.

It’s a space for sharing stories about going back to basics and discovering what’s important in your life.

It’s about going deeper and finding greater simplicity.


For simple self-care strategies and tips to create some calm amongst the chaos, I invite you to join the Home Heart Haven community HERE.

As a special thank you gift from me, you’ll receive my Bliss Bombs poster featuring inspirational bites of self-care for when you most need it – when you don’t have a scrap of time or energy for you.

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Self-care is not selfish. It is essential.


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I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Much love

Caz x(1)